Bold adventure. Baldface!

Apresski, spelled Apres Ski, is now a member of Facebook. Shocking, I’d say not, but as it goes since joining the hip online community known as Facebook we have heard from some old friends. To protect his identity and status amongst the community we’ll refer to the old friend of whom we speak of here as “Gabe.”

Gabe, a seasoned Apres vet himself, wrote to Apres with the very wisdom we have known him for for so many years. Simply put Gabe writes, “check out Baldface lodge. 500inch. a year all virgin powder.” And check out Baldface we did!


Baldface Lodge is located north of Nelson, British Columbia in the heart of the Selkirk Mountains. Its goal is to provide skiers and snowboarders with amazing back country experiences. The resort offers five star lodging and food along with some of the best cat skiing in the world. The prices are, as expected, rather lofty, but based on Gabe’s feedback and their very helpful website, it looks well worth the fair. Check out Baldface Lodge, BC. as our post couldn’t possibly do this magical place justice.

Thanks again to Gabe for sending this along!


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