Apres scene take hit in bad economy


These people were just told that Sushi Yoshi may be the only spot on the Killington Mt. access road that still serves free wings. We were stopped dead in our track this weekend when the bar tender Ann over at Casey’s Caboose filled us in on 2009’s dirty little secret. No more free wings! Apparently the cost spent on wings throughout the 07′-08′ season, reportedly around 30k per establishment, was so high that nobody can continue to do it. Granted they have been replaced with larger 25 cent wings which actually sounds tastier, it felt like an end of an era. We eventually dragged it out of her Sushi Yoshi “maybe”/ is still offering the free wings, as apparently did the girls above,  the news is something we felt like we needed to report to all of you in search of worthy Apres. For now though rest easy, the popcorn machine is in mid season form and the kitchen over at Casey’s isn’t far behind.


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