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Biz is here to help you eat and drink better! All of those who après also know how important great food is! I found this sexy little number on a lazy Sunday drive home from a long ski weekend. Vermont Country Deli is located on route 9 just off of I-91 exit 2, Brattleboro, VT. Don’t let the simple name mislead you, this “deli” is packed full of deliciousness. Vermont Country Deli has all the treats you could imagine, Vermont favorites like Ben & Jerry’s, Highland Sugarworks maple syrup, and Grafton Cheese all have a cozy home inside this love nest. Beyond the initial delight I had of finding all my favorite snacks, I was really impressed with the level of service those fine people offered up. The staff was quick, helpful, and really friendly.
My order was pretty standard (fighting a hangover)… Roast Beef (Marinated) Hoagie:
-cheddar cheese
– mayo
– lettuce
– pickles
– salt and pepper
-1 Large Container of Mac & Cheese (I love Mac & Cheese)
-1 Large Dark Coffee
-1 Large Bottle of wate
-1 Big Bag of Green Mountain tortilla chip
-1 Container of fresh salsa
-1 Jar of maple syrup
-1 Jar of spiced jelly (mix it with some cream cheese on a toasted bagel. WOW!)
-2 Loaves of French Bread

Needless to say I got carried away… Check out the Vermont Country Deli on your next ride down VT I-91! If you have got a special spot you would like to let every Après enthusiast know about email me at

Eat, Drink, and be Sweet!

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