Apresski.US committs to consult in Breckenridge


Apres legal consultant Wess T. M., contacted Apres early last week with a sparkling offer. Spend 5 days in Breckenridge with our usual summer cruising crew of about 15 slope side enjoying spring conditions as the groups “Apres adviser.” We most definitely owe Wess big time for his legal counsel with our legal “situation” just over a month ago, so we are taking this opportunity to repay T. M very seriously. We also know that to keep our work reputation in tact the pressure is on. However, with plenty of time to put plans into place we already have a few tricks up our sleeves. We will look to hook up with Colorado Apres reps Marcelle and Ryan for local on slope guidance and no doubt they will contribute at Apres as well. More to come about Breck but for those of you weighing in specifically for trip information here’s a great link to get you started. For additional questions contact us at Apresski13@gmail.com Breckenridge night life.


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