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Are you in the market for new ski gear this year?  Andy Tuller (an absolute legend) builds high-end back country ski gear, custom made for each customer.  The story here is that he is a former Big Sky ski patroller and a competitive white-water kayaker.  Basically, he is the man.  Interestingly, he offers a lifetime warranty on all custom gear!  In addition, this guy will buy your gear back from you after you’re done using it or if you have gained too much weight for it to fit anymore!  Apparently, his Couloir Bibs ($360) are indestructible, according to fellow Apres-enthusiast Greg Vasse, as he just bought some last year.  “Best purchase I ever made.” says a faithful GJ.  Apparently, he’s big on the west coast, but pretty much unknown on the east coast.  Check out his site:


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