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That’s right everybody, right before your eyes Apres is turning 100! This marks our 100th post. Can you believe it?? Boy, so much to talk about here. Let’s start with where were we 100 post ago. Our first post on November 13th 2007 was our mission statement, “Welcome – this is a running dialogue about “everything skiing” from around the world.  Please email us (apresski13@gmail.com) with pictures, stories, and anything interesting from the world of fresh snow, World Cup Racing, high-school trips, and of course… legendary stories from Apres.” Words that we still live by today even after all these posts. We have made friends and foes, mostly friends though, even that angry cowgirl from the UK became our friend after threatening us with legal action and we have some feed back from a dude in Sweden that we think is our friend, but we can’t understand a god damn word he’s saying. We’ve seen some exquisite snow bunnies and even our very first “snow dude,” which we are pretty sure has started some kind of civil rights revolution. Thank you we are proud of that. Our readers and contributors have included friends from all walks of life including bosses, friends new and old, parents, associates, and complete strangers. We had our best day on Jan 1 of 08 shattering 100 hits and made it through the summer with a very steady following of Apres nuts who embodied the Apres spirit and took our mentality to places and extremes never seen before.

We are very proud of the friends we have made here at Apres and thank you all for being such a center piece to what we have and are continuing to try and create. It is fitting that this reflective post comes only hours away from what many will call their first ski weekend of the 2008/2009 ski season. We wish you all an amazing season. And as always, keep us post! A

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