Apres Maverick sprinkles some old school fun into the mix.


Thanks to the original Apres Maverick, Wild Hal, for this unbelievable photo. It was clearly taken just after a solid apres session over at Deacon’s Den up at Mt. Snow. Looking at Haystack, now a private ski club, in the background with snow on the ground I can almost taste the free soup at Deacon’s. For those of you who think I am misspelling Deacon’s Den, first of all I don’t take offense because I spell like garbage, but I am in fact correct in my spelling on this one. You see, the absolute mecca of Apres activities now known as “Deagon’s,” was originally called “Deacon’s Den.” And Deacon’s Den is possibly my earliest memory of Apres, both while spending winters up at Mt. Snow and pre long drives home. Although I was only playing air hockey, pop-a-shot and burning my mouth on free soup at that point, it’s safe to say Wild Hal was there to soak in the down home Apres atmosphere. One thing is clear however, and that is he had one hell of a sense of humor dressing these kids, me, like that!


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  1. HUAL says:

    Nice turtle neck

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