WELCOME! To the savage known as Andrew Roberts

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Andrew Slotnick and I are very excited to announce and welcome an absolute savage of a man to join us in our quest of reporting on “everything skiing” and, of course, everything APRES!  Andrew “yes, i Tele, its no big deal” Roberts has shared a storied history of outdoor endeavors, including his passion for the white bosom slopes of New England, the powder filled days out west, the summer-stretch on boats, in the fields, and on horseback, and naturally the adult beverages that often accompany these activities.

Andrew Roberts makes us a trio — a trio of reporting from all facets of skiing.  Please welcome him to Apres!

Andrew (Slotnick) and Duncan

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One comment on “WELCOME! To the savage known as Andrew Roberts
  1. HUAL says:

    Welcome to Apres you savage!

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