2009 Price Preview

So in anticipation of the upcoming season we did some research. We looked at some of our local, favorite and desired ski destinations for 2009 and compared one weekend day lift ticket prices.

Killington: $82, Stratton: $72 mid week (weekend “TBD”….) Alta/Snowbird: $64, Taos: $66, Apen: $88, Mt. Baker: $49, Steamboat: $73, Jackson Hole: $87, Whistler: $89

Now, I know we have some Apres loyalists out in the Mt. Baker area so we will need their input on the value of Mt. Baker at $49 a day, but based on our experience the big winner is Alta/Snowbird.


All the stories of ridiculous snow and equally exciting terrain is true. Where the Utah resorts fall short, which is a bit of an issue here at Apres, is their Apres scene. Granted within the resorts there are plenty of good times to be had, if we’re talking experience value here its only fair that we recognize pros’s and cons. Killington as we all know features an above average apres scene, but at $82 a day the price seems stiff. The rest of the Western resorts featured can boast very good apres scenes which may in fact make up for their slightly higher prices. All things considered, we’re just really excited for the season and if we had it our way we try’m all!


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