Warren Miller’s Children of Winter did not dissapoint. Per usual the film was packed with unbelievable thrills and spills. The sounds track may not have been the best we’ve heard but the featured adventures were. Including a ski trip to Iceland on a sail boat as home base and day helli trips at Points North in Alaska from a 96ft tanker, the water and snow theme was right up our alley. Another stand out was the Aspen segment which had competitors being pulled behind horses over huge kickers down main st Aspen. Lots of Cowboys, again, right up our alley. We ran into a lot of Apres regulars at the show, what did you all think? We’d also like to thank the Cactus club for some of the biggest tequila shots we’ve ever seen, which has become as much a tradition during intermission as the film it’s self. Definitely a great way to get amped up for the season!

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