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Once a year a few Apes contributors join a rowdy group of wool hat wearing, new ski jacket dawning, wackos just like us at the annual showing of Warren Milller’s video. (Children of Winter this year) For some of us it is an exciting look into the upcoming season’s trends and stlyes on the slopes, but for some of us the Warren Miller experience is a little more. For me, growing up, winter weekends in Southern Vt. consisted of 3 things. Early mornings, lots of fun, and Warren Miller’s voice. In fact the only channel the busted up T.V in our place played was a Warren Miller feed that must have been some charity case the mountain decided to send out the locals. Of course there are other sources of entertainment when passing the evenings away secluded in a VT ski house when under the age of 18, yeah, like music. Welp, issue with that is that the place didn’t have a functioning radio, therefore Miller’s voice was used for background noise or music, however you want to look at it.

Now as adults living in the Boston area, we still spend time in Southern Vt and still appreciate the timeless classic that is Warren Miller. We look forward to seeing you all at the showings here in Boston this week. I’m sure there will be Apres Nuts all over the place. If there are any special rituals tied into the screenings, like a few shots of tequila at Cactus Club on Boylston st at intermission, that anybody wants to share, please do.


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