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Unfortunately Andrew and I have been finding fall so enjoyable that we have struggled to get ourselves cranked up in our usual fashion for this year’s pre-season.  Thanks to all our readers for being so patient!  Of course, we couldn’t help but share some recent incoming mail, as it illustrates to perfection the purpose of this site.  Thank you!


Id like to write to express my great dismay with the lack of activity on www.aapresski.com, particularly as the ski season is fast approaching. There hasnt been an update since 10/14, and more importantly, no new ski bunny of the week since 9/4!

Killington is already open..

I have, of course, enjoyed the rum cocktails, golf and associated leisure activities of the summer and the subsequent transition to squash, darker beer, sweaters and corduroys that the fall has brought. Now that winter is soon approaching I feel the need to explore the technical pages of the Patagonia website, the images of carving gs turns down groomers, the overall theme of outrageous bump pants, and the thought of Biggs ripping down the mountain.


Jeremiah M. Daly II, Esq.

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