Not a mistake, just a doubletake…

Well Apres’ers, here it is. It seems we are at somewhat of a crossroads. After 3 strong years of gearing up and heading north every Friday night, could it be that time has caught up to us?? Let’s hope not. Let this picture serve as a reminder to all of us who are unsure of our winter future that moments like the one captured in this picture, and especially moments not suitable for a blog of this kind, are some of the most memorable of our lives. I was searching for pictures for this evening’s post and sure enough this one showed up.
An incredible song was recently brought to our attention by Apres juggernaut Blum called “Snowfall,” preformed in this rendition by Reckless Kelly who we recently featured in the Steamboat music festival entry. I think they say it best when they say, “I’m heading up North for some piece of mind, leavin my baby and worries behind, I’m gonna find my freedom but you should too, and if you don’t do it now you’ll be one year older when you do.” Words echoed by greats including Warren Miller we call to you all for words of motivation. Motivation that it is exactly that ‘piece of mind’ and ‘freedom’ that brought us all to this site and more importantly to the Apres way of life.
Apres on.

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