Rocky results but nothing better than….

Fly fishing in Colorado…

We recently treated ourselves to a week of fly fishing in Colorado’s Rocky Mountain National Park amongst other amazing spots including the Colorado River and Arapaho National Forest. Although some of our Apressiacks are known for their fly fishing abilities I am certainly a novice. However, having said that, I can honestly say there is nothing more relaxing and peaceful than standing in a trout stream up to my waist in cool Rocky Mountain water with the mountains in the backdrop and nothing but the sound of bald eagles and fish flopping around to be heard. Attached is a great piece on Rocky Mountain National Park and its fishing waters for those of you who are fed up and need to get away. I can assure you that this will do the trick. I maybe landed half a dozen fish total but the experience was worth a million. Read up and just jump in!!

Oh, and keeping to the theme… Please be advised that nothing compliments a day on the water like a cold beverage and some story telling apres!

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