Allow us to introduce you to “The Hoo”

Hoo are you?

Hoo are you?

Many moons ago, we were introduced to a sometimes, well most of the time, floating mecca for the Apres lifestyle. As friendships usually do our friendship with The Ballyhoo and its proud, well I think proud, captain Wess came about many summers ago over a few cocktails. I can’t really put a date on it because truth be told I actually have no idea how we met. Not to worry this isn’t a love story, more an introduction to our summer counterparts out on the water. 3pm wings and beers at Casey’s in Killington or cocktails at sunset on Buzzard’s bay, Nantucket, Martha’s Vineyard, or even Annapolis, the lifestyle is one and the same. The cast is always the same but ever changing based on the weekend, race or conditions. Ballyhoo as it was first sculpted on the side of a J29 with duck tape now lives somewhere in Whareham Ma. and the second generation “The Ballyhoo,” is right where it belongs in Sippican Harbor. Every weekend providing an arena for good times and plenty of laughs both planned but mostly spontanious. I hope that all who can will share a Ballyhoo Apres story with us and our readers to keep the Apres spirit alive throughout the summer. Here’s is a picture to the original Hoo in all her glory to conjure up some memories.


Andrew and Duncan

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