ACKpres at Figawi

This extended weekend ApresSki hit the beaches and docks of Nantuckett for a good time Figawi style. With weather as nice as it was we don’t think anybody is actually complaining about being over tired or of a sun burned nose. We know we arn’t. Figawi is an awesome celebration and kick off to summer. In the past we have sailed over and sailed back hitting the tent, gazebo, and pretty much any and everything in the middle. (Figawi)

This time around we certainly enjoyed town, the Trap and some down town bars, but more than all the elbow benders combined (which was a lot) we loved spending the days on the beach. We can’t give away all our secrets, but what we will say is to just try’m all and you’ll know what we mean. Good times, perfect settings, and even better people. Volleyballs, whiffle, and footballs all made appearances, and although the term “exercise” probably doesn’t apply here, we can assure you that regardless we all stayed over hydrated!!

We enjoyed local hospitality everywhere, in fact Erin at the Trap was kind enough to make the Bender’s extra strong, Captain Toby’s actually liked the idea of adding a special ingredient to the already delicious “Life is Good,” making it a “Life is Awesome,” and we can’t not send a shout out to our DEWde in charge over at the MAAX and the always sharp boys of Nantucket Brand. Check these local brands out, they definitely embody the Apres lifestyle which means they have our FULL support!!

We know that a lot of you were there so share your stories. LET SUMMER BEGIN!

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