Amateur Bumps


While I cant take any credit for the picture or the story, apparently, it was a legendary weekend at the Killington amateur bumps contest.  Pictured here, Jeremiah “Dont You Just Love My Sweet Bumps Pants” Daly, put up a solid run.  Jeremiah had a strong entry form, with “Top Gun” as the favorite movie, and dedicating the run to  When it came to the run itself, it was excellent for about 90% of it, but the fall after the first jump hurt the overall scores in the judges eyes, the French judge was especially harsh.
A “post-run” debrief session took place at the Bear Mountain Lodge porch, and it was quickly discovered that Bud Girls get hotter with every Bud consumed, wearing tight pants instead of normal snowpants shaves approximately 10 seconds off of every run, and snowboarders really can do mogul runs.

Thanks to Bud Heavy for aiding in the success of the event, to ARob for the commentary, and JD for such a pro-performance.  We would welcome any submissions from your local spring weekend event.

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One comment on “Amateur Bumps
  1. AROB says:

    A savage run, JD. Beastly air. That kid in the background just pissed his pants.

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