Hokkaido, Japan

 niseko-map.jpg  niseko_cny08_mountain.jpg 

 niseko_cny08_mt-yotai-ii.jpg  niseko_cny08_lake.jpg

Fellow apres-enthusiast Justin recently wrote in to report on his trip to Hokkaido, which is one out of over 1 thousand ski resorts in Japan.  It is amazing to me that a country with a relatively small land mass has the terrain for so many resorts.   Hokkaido is located on the northern island and Justin was skiing at Niseko United (http://www.niseko.ne.jp/en/) … you should really check out the website… its VERY cool.  Apparently the snow was great last week, and of course the apres scene was a very unique experience.  Thanks Justin for the pictures and the story!

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