Apres enthusiast Nick shocks the world!!


This weekend at Casey’s Caboose in Killington Vt. http://www.killingtonguide.com/nightlife/caseys-caboose.html Apres enthusiast Nick shocked the world, and the bar keep when he momentarily traded in the free buffalo wings for an order of oysters served on the half shell. This immediately sparked a debate as to weather there is a place for such a delicacy at apres. Surrounded by free hot wings, free popcorn and enough Coors light to drown the Rockies surely Nick had lost his mind. However, after indulging, it was decided that in moderation this delicious aphrodisiac can be a nice addition to any apres snack. (Or lunch if you feel like holding out and not dropping 15 bucks on chili served in a bread bowl, pronounced ‘bred boul’) I mean really why not? They are delicious, easy to eat, cultural, and my add a little, what the French call “I know not what,” to the scene. Sorry I don’t spell in French so that will have to do.

Not that we are recommending this to become the norm, but if you are interested in learning a little more, here is a quick reference for ordering oysters. http://www.oysterguide.com/

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