The Matterhorn

Talk about a pretty sweet place to spend a week during the winter.  Zermatt is famous for a few things, including beautiful weather, beautiful European (and some American) women on vacation, a very quaint/cool village, decent/good skiing, and of course the Matterhorn.  It’s one of the worlds most famous mountains, rising to 4,478 meters (not really sure how high that is in feet… but its high), and first achieved under foot by a group of mountaineers led by Edward Whymper of Great Britain, in 1865.  Unfortunately for Teddy… 4 of his party of 7 died on the mountain.  In fact, the mountain’s fame shows up back in the states on the east coast, including in Stowe, VT.  The BEST apres spot in Stowe happens to be The Matterhorn ( which is really worth a trip if you are skiing Mt. Mansfield for the day.  In addition, at The Shed, which is a great local restaurant that brews their own beer, you can get a towering ice cream sundae for desert called “The Matterhorn.”  If you do manage to get over to Switzerland this season, check out Grampy’s Pub (which is Apreski’s top pick for a few pints after a long day) and please take some pictures and submit your story!

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3 comments on “The Matterhorn
  1. Pete says:

    I can personally vouch for the Matterhorn and The Shed.
    Long Trail, Take a Hike.

  2. mike says:

    If you heading for Zermatt, or Cervinia in Italy, why not climb the summits, Matterhorn from the Swiss side, Monte Cervino (2 meters less) from the Italian side. I have put some pictures from the access on my web site. The area is beautiful for hiking, or just for relax. A journey to the Alps will cool down anyone, especially this year when we have a lot of snow and perfect conditions for ski mountaineering.

    Enjoy life

  3. apresski says:

    Thanks for the note Mike! I would love to make a spring-time trip to Zermatt or Cervinia, but just not sure if it is in the cards this year. Please make some turns for us!

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