Reporting from Squaw

Destination: Squaw – years ago Squaw Valley was transformed from a tiny little ski village to the host of the 1960 Winter Olympics, building infrustructure (tram, gondolas, roads, buildings, lifts, etc.) that still allows skiers to reach some totally wild terrain on this mountain.  The Olympic village still fills a good chunck of the base area.  Interestingly, CBS paid $50,000 for the rights to televise the games, marking the first time the Olympics were shown on TV.  Last but CERTAINLY not least, it was the host of the filming of one of our top ski-movie pics; Hot Dog!

The mountain is very challenging, including some really steep pitches off KT-22, Silverado, and the chutes off Squaw Peak that funnel in to Siberia Bowl (beware… there is some hiking involved here).  We were lucky, with 3 powder days and the 4th without a cloud in the sky.

Oh, and by the way, there are some fantastic spots for Apres, including the series of porches at High-Camp on a sunny afternoon (downloading is reccomended).  Moral of today’s story is that if you are looking for a great new spot for a long weekend, try Squaw.

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