Freshies, Apres, and the Olympics at Whistler

Whistler Blackcomb has almost TOO many good things going on right now. gives it a 9.5 on the “apres/nightlife” scale (10, of course, being reserved for some wild place in the swiss alps that we dont even know about yet); and giving it a 9 on terrain.  On top of all that, they have the olympics coming in a few short years, and they are getting ready.  Hopefully we will be reporting to you live from the event.

Our reccomendation for a few frosties after a long day is the Garibaldi Lift Co, which is right at the base of Whistler, has hot bartenders and cocktail waitresses (who will actually knock back a few tequillas with their customers), a great “Bevy” menu (check it out and on nice days the view of the base from the porch is perfect.  Be careful though, they occasionally run out of Jager!  Other good spots include Garfinkel’s and Tommy Africa’s (ps. they have go-go dancers on Monday nights).  Enjoy!

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